Why Wear UV LED Safety Glasses

Do not forget eye protection when using LED grow lights.

Why Wear UV LED Safety Glasses

It goes without saying that protecting your eyes from UV rays is important. And this isn’t only from the sun, but also from devices that emit blue light. LED grow lights, for one, can be detrimental to our eyes which can ultimately lead to vision loss. That is why we have to be responsible indoor growers; wear the proper eye protection when tending to your plants.

Blue light

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Blue light has a short wavelength which them means it produces a higher amount of energy. It pard of the visible spectrum. It helps regulate our biological clocks as well as help with certain brain functions like memory and cognitive performance. And the biggest source of blue light is our sun. Hence, going out at the time of day when the sun is brightest is not recommended.

Other sources that emit blue light include smartphones, tablets, PC monitors, and as mentioned earlier, LED grow lights. According to eye doctors, the high-energy blue-violet is the most harmful. This wavelength can damage the retina and be a factor for age-related macular degeneration or AMD which can then lead to central vision loss.


Headaches due to prolonged exposure to blue light

People will get symptoms when getting exposed to blue light for prolonged periods. Here are the tell-tale signs:

  • headaches
  • tired eyes
  • dry eyes
  • red eyes
  • eyestrain
  • difficulty focusing


UV glasses

As prevention, do not forget to wear a pair of UV LED safety glasses when tending to your indoor plants. High-quality pairs can effectively block the harmful blue light. As for those who spend hours on their phones and PCs, make it a habit of wearing glasses that have special UV protection lenses.

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