Top 5 Fragrant Herbs to Grow Indoors

Keep your home smelling nice with these herbs.

Top 5 Fragrant Herbs to Grow Indoors

A pleasant scent can definitely make one feel better. That is why most spas invest in expensive scent diffusers and humidifiers. As for your home, aromatherapy can be easily achieved by growing herbs, especially the fragrant ones. If you want to keep your living space smelling naturally nice, here are five aromatic herbs that can be easily grown indoors.


Mint is one of the fragrant herbs that you can plant indoors

Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, and it’s perfect for tea lovers. You can choose to grow spearmint or peppermint as both grow as easy as weeds would. Do note that peppermint’s mint effect is a lot more than the spearmint’s so if you have a small space, it’s best to go with the former. Whereas if your grow room is large, you can cultivate as many spearmint plants as you can. Mint can thrive even without much light, but it’s best to make sure that they get some every day.


Basil is an herb perfect for cooking

If you love to cook or are in love with Italian cooking, basil is a must-have herb in your indoor garden. Basil is so aromatic but is not as easy to grow as mint, especially in the cold months. However, there are varieties that you can choose that are good for indoor growing — Greek Miniature and Sweet Genovese. The latter, however, is a large variety, so it’s best that you have a huge pot and supplemental lighting like LED grow lights to help them grow into their full size. Aside from its culinary and aromatherapy uses, basil can also be used as a beautiful indoor plant.


Oregano is also a staple herb in Italian cuisine

As with basil, oregano is also used to give Italian cooking a distinct flavor and is also easy to grow indoors. A hot and dry environment is the best condition for it to thrive; oregano needs about six to eight hours of sunlight. So if you have grow lights, it shouldn’t be a problem. The easiest variety to grow is the Greek variety.


Lemongrass loves hot climates

Unlike the first three, lemongrass does not need to actually be “grown.” You’ll only need stalks with green centers with their bulbs still intact. Place them in a glass of water, just a few inches of it. After a few weeks, new roots will start to grow.  Of course, you can also plant them in pots, but make sure that the pots have enough drainage holes. This herb needs a lot of sunlight too, as lemongrass thrives in hot climates.


Lavender is a beautiful herb to grow indoors

Lastly, is the ever pleasant-smelling lavender. It has culinary, medicinal, and crafting properties. It’s also one of the most beautiful indoor plants that you can grow at home. Lavender is a plant that loves heat, so make sure that you give it the right sunlight it needs. Again, if you have LED grow lights, it wouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, make sure that it’s placed near a south-facing window where it can get bright light during the day.


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