What Makes Bubble Flow Buckets Special?

The Bubble Flow Buckets 8-Site System is one of our bestsellers. Find out why.

What Makes Bubble Flow Buckets Special?

SuperCloset’s Bubble Flow Buckets are a great choice if you want to grow indoors hydroponically. Although the 8-site system is one of our best-sellers, this system is also available in 6, 10, 12, 24-site systems. SuperCloset claims that these systems are able to grow the best and biggest yields of any bubble buckets system available in the market today. This is probably true, as many growers use this brand. And without further ado, here are the reasons why the Bubble Flow Buckets System is an excellent buy for hydroponics growers.

Give the best and biggest yields

They are able to give robust yields because the system combines bubble bucket technology and ebb n’ flow buckets into one fully-automated grow system. You won’t get any issues with PH and TDS pockets that create hazardous micro-environments in the buckets. The Bubble Flow Buckets prevent this because of its re-circulating up-welling feature. Aside from that, the system produces more quickly than other systems because of the hyper-oxygenated environment created in each individual bucket, like a root jacuzzi for your plants.

No need to worry about water temperature.

Because of its features, you wouldn’t have to worry about adding a chiller and raising your power bills. The Bubble Flow Buckets System keep cool naturally by gravity, as falling water will cool itself. This happens when water falls back into the reservoir, and when it drips into each bucket. Having a stable water temperature will also prevent you from getting root rot problems.

The system comes with these components:What Makes Bubble Flow Buckets Special?

  • Reservoir – The 35-gallon reservoir is custom molded, UV-stable, food-grade and made of heavy duty plastic. It will provide you with years of stable, sturdy support for your hydroponic grows.
  • Bubble buckets – Our bestseller, the 8-site system includes eight 10-inch diameter net pots with eight 5-gallon up-welling, deep water culture bubble buckets.
  • Eco Plus Pro Air Pump – This pump is the quietest pump you can find in the market today. Although they emit little sound, they are still very powerful. They deliver the proper amounts of dissolved oxygen to your roots. Made of a solid, durable aluminum body with an oil-less compressor, this pump is sure to stand the test of time.
  • Eco Series Water Pump – This pump is said to be the heart and flow of SuperCloset’s Bubble Flow Buckets. It has a powerful, oil-free high-magnetic rotor and ceramic shaft to ensure quiet operation. Just plug it into the designated timer, and it will water your plants at all the times you want it too.

The Bubble Flow Buckets’ high-powered water pump flow combined with the deep water culture air diffused oxygenation churns the water, creating a natural rushing river effect. With this and your LED grow lights, your plants are getting to experience an ideal environment allowing them to grow healthier and bigger.

Think you need the Bubble Flow Buckets for your new set of grows? Shop the 6, 8, 10, 12, or 24-site systems at ChampionLED.com!


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